The Philosophy Of This Agency Is to ASSIST Children To Develop Personal Characteristic, Skills And Talents Which Enable Them To Lead Happy And Effective Lives As Possible: Through Providing Specific Experiences Which Promotes Learning And Healthy Adjustments, Such As; Appropriate Physical Activities; Language Learning Experiences; Problem Solving Experiences; Creative Activities; And Opportunities To Develop Self-Reliance. Providing Them These Opportunities Will Promote Development Of The "World Child": Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development. In Order to Create Optimal Language Environments For English Language Learners, Center Directors Are required To Have Bilingual Staff Available For Dialog And Interaction With Children. The Children Will Gain Competence In Their Home Language As Well As a Second Language. The Natural Approach Is Used. Activities Are To reflect An Environment Whereby Communication In Both The Native Language And English Flows Freely.




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