Morning Meeting Area

Every morning the teacher gather all the children in this area to build a caring community and to develop listening and speaking skills through four steps: Greeting, sharing, Activity, and News and Announcements. This area is also used for other activities such as, Reading Aloud, Large Group, Small Group and Whole Group Literacy.


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Technology Area

This area is a place where children can have fun while exploring the many
exciting things that technology can do. Children use computers, Ipads, CD players,etc.
to solve problems, explore and manipulate objects on a screen.


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Cozy Area

A classroom full of 3- to 5-year-olds can be overwhelming for everyone, the children in particular. The Cozy area is where children can relax, decompress, calm down and recover from the sensory overload of the classroom. This corner can also provide children with a quiet place to learn.



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Library Area

They Library Area is a space created with soft furniture, beautiful picture books, and stuffed animals where children can get away from more physically activities area and relax. In The Library area, children develop the motivation and skills necessary for reading and writing. As they hear stories every day, look through books on their own, retell familiar stories, and make up their own stories, they strengthen skills in all areas of development.


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Dramatic Play Area

This area is designed to inspire creative and imaginative play. Children explore their experiences by pretending to be someone or something different from themselves. They make up situations and actions that go along with the roles they choose


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Block Area

The Block area is filled with blocks that come in proportional sizes and various shapes. In addition to blocks, this area have other props such as, people, animals, cars, traffic signs, store signs, etc. that inspire children's imagination and creativity. Children often use blocks to represent the world around them, perhaps a road, a house, or a zoo. As they work together, they learn to cooperate and begin to understand friendship.


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Discovery Area

The Discovery area is the place where children explore and investigate to answer their questions. They observe, experiment measure, solve problems, take things apart, and handle the materials and living things we put out. They predict what will happen as a result of their actions.



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Art Area

The Art Area is filled with materials that children can enjoy on a purely sensory level. Here children can create and represent their ideas in a visual form. On the table or at the easel, children draw, paint, cut, glue, and make things of their own choosing.


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Toys and Games

Children strengthen skills in all areas of development as they play with toys and games. The Toys and Games area includes manipulatives, puzzles, collectibles, matching games, etc. When children play with toys and games, they explore how things work, use their imagination, strengthen and control the muscles in their hands, work cooperatively, solve problems, and learn content area concepts.


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Our 3 Year Old Classroom

The Physical environment of the classroom has a profound effect on the children individually and as a group.  Our physical settings are safe, comfortable, attractive, and are well designed to ensure that the children have adequate space and furnishings.  Our classrooms are broken up into interest areas, to allow the children to explore, make things, experiment, and pursue their interest


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